October 25, 2012

Unfortunately, I took maybe four pictures while we were in Disneyland for the remainder of the weekend; too many fun things to do, and I made zero time to capture all of our memories (regretted)... So what I do have to say, is that out of all the many trips out there with family and friends before, my trip with Max had to be my all-time favorite. He hadn't been since he was a little, so it was like going with a seven-year old version of Max. 14 hour marathon days park hopping (even though we were both exhausted by the end of the trip!) was the best.

And just for future reference: Mickey's Halloween party was like, the best Halloween party ever. They give you handfuls (handfuls!) of candy (and only the good kind!) at all 390,483 candy stations throughout the park. Plus all the rides have zero lines because everyone else is excited about the trick-or-treating. After stopping at only two of the stations, Max and I ran around the park like crazy getting on as many rides as possible (completing 21 rides in four hours!) eating two bags worth of candy! I had to stop at one point and just jump up and down. Not a joke. I was just so excited! This felt like every kids dream come true! And even though we had had enough of a sugar high to last us a month, we made sure to stop for some pineapple dole whips - theyrethebest.

Thesis statement: Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.
Add candy, costumes and no lines? Happiest-est place ever.

PS. Radiator Springs is totally worth the wait.


kylee said...

those dole whips really are the best. the yogurt stores have dole yogurt now, but it's just not the same; there is no disney magic. ahhh i'm so excited to visit cars land in december!!

Ally Remund said...

Sooo jealous!!

The Naulus said...

Love the video up top! You're the cutest! Let's go on a thrifting date!

Brittany said...

You know, this maybe the key to our long lost sisterness--you love Disneyland like I love Disneyland. That's all. It makes us kindred spirits.

And I love that you have opinions and that you're political. Way to think for yourself woman.

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