September 4, 2012

It felt like summer sort of came to an end this weekend, (even if it technically lasts a few more days) so we unofficially kissed our summer goodbye; we did nothing that exciting, really, it just felt sort of final with all the rain and the leaves beginning to change colors.

I'll miss our summer months, all our free time for outdoor movies, temple trips, and the few bike rides we went on, (Max doesn't seem to share the same sort of affinity towards beach cruisers that I do, unfortunately,) but I'll mostly miss our long, summer afternoons. It was all so perfect, and it all went by too fast; but truth be told, I'm welcoming the new season with open arms. Fall is great. So we bought pumpkin(and the like)-scented candles this weekend, only because Max insisted, and it seemed sort of deserving... Official and all.


B said...

I love this post. I cannot wait for Fall to start, even though it means goodbye to sno-cones and swimming pools for us! Bring on the hot cider & fall smells. Wahoo!

Allie said...

Fall is getting me so excited. I think this summer was a hard time for me and so the fact that it's neatly coming to an end is pretty exciting. All about beginning anew!

Jess said...

Oh i love that photo of the salt lake temple! It would have to be my favourite temple! Max may not share your love for beach cruisers, but you have pasted on your love of them to me, I have my eye on buying one at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens! Your blog is the cutest. I stumbled upon it...somehow...I don't even remember any more. After some thorough blogstalking I think maybe, possibly you were the sweet girl that left her wedding band at Waikiki beach? Maybe? Hahah. I was the employee that gave it to you, if so! :)

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