bad day daises and stuff.

September 19, 2012

1. Smash Book - a birthday present that I've finally started using and I absolutely love it.
2. Bad day daisies, which have lasted for more than two weeks! 14 days of insta-cheer.
3. You'll know me by these polka dot pants, because I've matched them every outfit I can. Love them so.
4. The Disneyland fund jar. So far Max and I have saved $116 dollars (amaze!!) But even though we're short a couple hundred, I think Mickey's Halloween Party sounds like too much fun to miss. (and people think I'm joking when I say I get onto once a week... #fact)
5. My partner-in-crime, who bought me a pink tennis racket of my own!
6. The reason why I hide his guitar on the weekends. His ability to focus on any of our conversations drops negative one hundred.
7. Getting ready for The Dirty Dash. A group of us talked ourselves into doing it, (not sure why) but it's happening this Saturday, ready or not.
And 8. If it's not bad day daisies or a cheese pizza, Max knows the only other way to my heart is a fridge full of diet coke. Clearly my health matters to me.


Allie said...

I could use some bad day daisies right now hahah And I love that you have a Disneyland fund jar. Too good. Actually, I love everything you mentioned :)

kylee said...

i love disneyland! soooo much! i was serious about that insta comment, go in december so we can meet up and have the best time of our lives in the best vacation spot ever.

Brittany said...

HI you should go to Disneyland in January or February when I am going. Okay great.

Also, one semester I learned to play tennis, and I was horrible. I hope you're better than I am.

Jane Harman said...

where are your polka dot pants from? so cute. you need to move to slc asap so we can go shopping.

Kelsie said...

@kylee/brittany - Go in October instead? Please?
@jane - i go them at the gap! and we're signing our lease in november... just in time for christmas shopping!

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