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April 22, 2012

I finished The Peacegiver by James L. Ferrell this weekend, and before I had even ended it, I had already committed myself to reading this book at least once a year for the rest of my life.
I don't know why I'm even bothering to try and write about my feelings and reaction to this book, because it would be nearly impossible to convey the way I felt and what I learned. My favorite books are the books that make me think long after I've finished reading the last page. That was this book. The parables and lessons and inspiration you feel while reading Rick and Carol's story are presented in a way that make you really think about what you assume you already know -- but in an entirely different way and from an entirely different angle.

What makes this book the most special to me, though, was the way the Atonement is discussed. The way it made me feel even closer to my Savior, and in a way that I can't entirely explain, made me feel better understood by my Savior. I felt both spiritually and physically a love that my Heavenly Father and Savior have for me, and a renewed commitment to living my life closer to them; to love myself and my Father in Heaven and Savior as completely as I can, by unconditionally loving those around me.

I can't explain why or how this book inspired me in the way that it did, but I can promise to those of who read it, you will end up reading the last page feeling so renewed and humbled and grateful and loved. It's purpose (or at least from what I gathered) was strengthening its readers desire to do what is right; to love people, to love past circumstance, flaws, failings and mistreatment. But most of all, to recognize a love that our Savior has for us that we can't even begin to fully understand. A love that loves past our flaws, our failings, and our mistreatment toward others - yet His love is always there for us. It would not, and could not, and never will be any other way.

This book was what I needed to read. It had lessons that I needed to learn, and I felt things that I needed to feel. But most importantly, it taught me more than ever before that I was and always will be loved  (no matter my own weaknesses) by a Father in Heaven whose love is perfect. And today, and every other day, that is what matters the most to me.

image "Beside Still Waters" by Greg Olsen


kylee said...

it's official on my must read list.

Jess said...

I love reading this post, now that book is on my list to purchase next, Thank you so much for sharing!!
The gospel is amazing, and I am very grateful that we have it in our lives.

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

gotta read it!

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