it's a great feeling.

December 5, 2011

Life got brighter, and somehow, the world suddenly got brighter, too. You know how this is? You’re walking along, and then the sun comes out from behind a cloud, and the birds start to sing, and the air is suddenly warm, and it’s like the whole world is happy because you’re happy. It’s a great feeling.
- Gary D. Schmidt

Laughed out loud several times this morning as I read The Wednesday Wars at work (thanks to Mandy for the recommendation!) I feel like Holling Hoodhood summed up life the last little while, even with the freezing cold temperatures (like 8 degrees?) and the falling on ice part of my Monday morning.

Weekend in photos above.
Don't know if anything is better than catching snow on your tongue, making chocolate covered Oreos, and watching the Christmas Devotional at the conference center with some of your best friends, (one of them who happens to be really cute, too).


Jodie said...

Cheers to happy weekends! And cute friends. :)

Mandy said...

Haha... is Holling not your favorite fictional character?

Tia can't do tonight - will you be around next Monday or will you be in NZ?

L!$@ said...

You want to send some of those cute friends Down Under? I can't wait to see the devotional...anxiously waiting!

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