pardon my french.

September 28, 2011

I skipped class today to go to the bookstore and teach myself French.


It was officially unofficially the first day of fall a few weekends ago, and naturally I found myself sitting in Barnes & Noble with a stack full of books on my tiny table. I usually wander around the classic and new fiction section, but that day we gathered travel and vacation novels -- and then I wondered what life would be like with a bank account ending in ...000,000,000. I have come to the conclusion that my first flight out of Utah would probably be to Disneyland in Paris.

But that day I was unfortunately reminded of one sad, unfortunate truth,
and it is this:

I only survived one semester of French.

The only phrases I can really remember are enchante, leitmotiv, and je ne sais quoi - which translated means: I don't know. That was the one phrase I used most frequently in French 101 and which is why I never moved on to French 202. Je nais sais quois never failed me, except it kind of did because I still can't speak the language of love.

But that's okay because my determination kicked back in again on the first unofficial day of fall. And thanks to a rainy evening at the bookstore/and the Amelie soundtrack on repeat, we purchased our French phrase books, and officially began our Paris fund for post college graduation.


Which is exactly why I skipped class today to go to the bookstore to teach myself French.


Nicole Marie said...

i want to learn french so bad!!!!!!

L!$@ said...

I started French in's hard. Second year it went virtually all online and so I had to drop out. I can't learn that way instead I just stick with Japanese :D

Michelle said...

I spent the summer in France with a french family.... and my french is pretty terrible still. But I can understand a lot more. It's hard to get the pronunciation sounding frenchy!!

My most used phrases were probably: Oui, quoi? repete, etc.

bonne chance!

kylie said...

good luck in your french adventures! plus, i fully support your day that you skipped class. it sounds so fun. so autumn, really.

Jane Garner said...

je voudrais aller a la salle de bain. i took 3 years of french and that's basically the only phrase i remember. i still love it though...especially french songs sung by girls with high voices. i love that you skipped class to go to barnes and noble.

Jess said...

Love that picture!!!!
Oh fun would a trip to Paris be!

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