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August 19, 2011

Last night Kylie and I had a late Birthday celebration with lunch pails, sparklers, bubble gum and diet cokes. We sat in our usual spot and talked about what we usually do, like how life rarely ever goes according to plan. But something I can count on is friendship. She is one of the only people I can have a conversation with, without saying anything at all.

After hitting a bucket on the freeway the other day (never-ending road construction, thank you) I took my car in to get an estimate of how much it would cost to be repaired; the sweetest old man came out to take a look at it, and surprised me when he said, "For you, it's free!" Even when I insisted on paying him something, he refused. I went home and wrote the first thank you card I had in a while, and I felt so grateful I couldn't even find the right words I wanted to say.

And I'm sunburned. Sometimes I hate it when that happens because people like to tell you that you're red, but this time I don't mind because it means I had a summer day yesterday, and I don't have too many of those left.

So a combination of mosquito bites, early mornings and feeling blessed sums up most of this week. And even though it's almost the end of summer, I'm not that sad.
At least not when John Mayer comes on the radio.


Mandy said...

I need to write more thank you notes. And I miss you and Kylie. Let's do something soon.

Brianna said...

oh my goodness that is my favorite john mayer song. and we are sunburned friends. yay for summer days (:

Brittany said...

What a tender man! I love when strangers do nice things. And I live reading about your love for life--your words just ooze happiness and joy. I love it.

Jessica Lynn said...

this sums up summer. friends. nice people. sunburns. etc. I love it all.

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