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July 21, 2011

10 confessions of growing old (and by old, I mean, I just turned 22):

1. Do you remember when you were little and you'd kiss your pillow/pretend imaginary boyfriend before going to sleep? Okay, so maybe I don't do that (anymore), but I daydream about my wedding and things like that before I go to bed -- it's basically become a part of my routine: wash my face, brush my teeth, say my prayers... plan a wedding.

2. Eye wrinkle cream is now a part of that routine, too.

3. I'd still rather eat anything saturated with sugar for breakfast. I try and avoid the poptart aisle at all costs.

4. I don't want to grow old today. Sometimes that changes, but after talking to my mom about rest homes and the hearing impaired, I decided today is a day I definitely don't want to grow old.

5. My Zac Efron crush is dying, and I'm starting to get motion sickness on swing sets... a sure sign that my childhood has definitely ended.

6. I'd rather go to bed early and wake up early than the alternative.

7. Time to admit it: my parents were right.

8. My bad hip is getting worse, and it's illegal for me to drive without glasses. I'll probably be arthritic and blind by 25.

9. I still drive as fast as I did when I was sixteen.

10. And most of the time, I still feel like I could be seventeen.


Since I'm a little bit younger than most of my friends, I always feel semi-prepared when my birthday rolls around because everyone has "already aged" -- But this year, I felt differently. When I turned twenty I remember vaguely feeling a little sad because I had to say goodbye to my adolescence; turning twenty-one, however, was just a lot of fun.

But twenty-two?

After writing down that list, even though I know I'm still young (although some things are definitely sounding a bit old), I have come to the final conclusion that this year is a good year to be a little bit of both.

So Happy Birthday to all the other July 21sts out there! It was a good day to be born, if I do say so myself.


Robots in Trouble said...

I'm only 21 and turning 22 in a couple of months! but for some reason, i feel so freaking old already!!! O_O like sometimes, i wanna cry because i still want to be 18 or 16 for all the matter! but now... i'm married, i budget, i tend to sleep more, i still am unhealthy with food!!! grrr aging!!! i share your pain about being young and old!!! *hugs*

happy birthday to you though {:

-robots in trouble

L!$@ said...

Happy Birthday!! 22 is not old!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kels!!! Celebrate with me when you fly into San Fran?

Mary said...

As a 37-year-old, I found this post pretty interesting to read. I wonder what I would've written when I was 22? I am pretty sure I didn't feel old. I was just graduating from college, starting my career, no serious boyfriend, moved to a new city...I felt like everything was just beginning! And it was! There is nothing at all old about 22. And as to your comments about not wanting to grow old....oh that perspective changes quite a bit as the years pass. There is a way of doing it gracefully and with dignity, and that's what we should all strive for. To be lucky enough to grow old and still be able to savor and enjoy life!

Brianna said...

Happy birthday cute girl! oh i miss you! I hated turning 22 this year too. eeeeek. haha love you and hope your birthday is magical (:

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Happy Birthday! This post was my favorite.. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and another great year! My first month of being 22 has been pretty great.. I think you'll like it :)

Ash said...

This is so funny, because I've felt like I'm getting old since I was 20. I'm 25. And I suffer from all the ailments you fear at this age. (I'm kidding.) (But I do feel old... like, a lot of the time. That's life! And hey, I'm still kickin'... mostly.)


kylee said...

happy birthday my dear! sure hope you had a fabulous day!

Jodie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm always amazed when I come to your blog how you can write such cute, enjoyable little (and not so little) posts.

adri said...

Happy birthday! I turned 20 this year, so I witnessed that exact feeling of leaving my teenage years behind. It's just so weird to me though. Isn't it funny how we feel so old EVERY year we get older? Although our 20's are still very very young! Hahaha.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

hope you enjoyed your day! i turned 22 earlier this year and it is for sure a turning point. no turning back!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL SISTER OF MINE! we will celebrate lots when you get home!!!! i love you!!!!!!

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