thelma and eleanor and kindred spirits.

June 21, 2011

The good and the bad results of yesterday evening:

Kylie's shattered Cocoa-Cola bottle; shards of glass flying everywhere. Nobody was hurt though, and our picnic (with homemade bread and real strawberry shortcake (instead of just the cupcake kind) was, needless to say, perfect with the setting sun and pink clouds scattering the sky.
Except Thelma lost two of her screws, so the whole ride home she was kind of rickety.
And the bottle of salsa exploded in Eleanor's wicker basket.
However, we did find a new bicycle path with Grandmother Willow-ish trees (like the one in Pocahontas who speaks words of wisdom) and that always counts for something.

We ended the night by finding Thelma and Eleanor's kindred spirits (so many cute beach cruisers all at once!) and we sat in a baseball dugout drinking our Mickey D diet cokes before splitting.

You can't help but like life a lot in the summertime.


(yep - that photo is from my phone. nope - not an iphone (obviously). still one of those phones dated back like 5th century BC. one day that will change.)


Brittany said...

I like the picture actually--it has a cool texture, you know? When do you leave for NZ woman??

allie margaret said...

Fact. I do like life in the summer time. A lot. And the weather in Utah has been absolutely gorgeous! yessss!


7upkels said...

@Brittany - I leave two weeks from tomorrow! July 8th!

@allie - The 90 degree weather the past two days has been PERFECT.

Erica said...

yeah i really like this photograph it's lovely


Anonymous said...

i need to get my bike fixed.
i'm OBSESSED with this picture.

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