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June 5, 2011

It's a summer Sunday in June, (because for once there are no clouds in the sky, and not a chance of rain,) and I'm trying to decide what hurts the most: my arms, my back or maybe my neck. Thanks to tubing, and thanks to Kyson being the co-captain of the boat (enough said) I feel like if I were to actually get out of bed, I might just fall apart. But that's a good thing.

And do you ever have those moments when you feel like everything in the world has changed? But then when he already knows that you'd rather be listening to the Beach Boys, or you're holding hands because you're a lot more like sisters, you realize that a lot really hasn't? Even though it still has? That was like yesterday.

And as for all the days before that:
I've been MIA because who really wants to sit at a computer typing when it's a lot like summer outside?
Actually, being MIA is mostly because finals start in a week (wasn't it just April?) and I have to try and discipline myself and devote some of my time to studying.

And my mom is back - which means our bedtime somehow happens to be at 2 AM even though we tell each other every morning we can't keep doing this.

(and then we talk and talk and talk, and we do it again)

And there are strawberries in my fridge. So if I'm not studying, I'm eating, and if I'm not eating, I'm bike riding, and if I'm not bike riding -- I'm wishing I was, and I'm probably still studying.

So I still think fall is my favorite, but when it's sunny and warm outside, then I let summer win.

(photos from a few weeks ago, thanks to kylie. if i could put the month of may in a nutshell -- that is what it would look like)


Brittany said...

i'm totally not studying too. and i don't even care at all. which feels great.

so fun to run into you last weekend!

Ashley Slater said...

I LOVE the pictures you have on this post.... they are so great! okay, following you for sure!

Adventures of Newlyweds

andrea said...

Those look like cafe rio dinners.... Mmmm :) and in reference to your previous post, I think I'm going to start a blessings book myself. :) sounds like a great idea and a wonderful reminder. I try to thank the Lord everytime I pray for the tender mercies I see everyday in my life, and also ask for help to recognize more of them, and to thank Him for the ones I can't see now but that will make sense later. Documenting them is a genius idea.

andrea said...
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