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May 10, 2011

So as I mentioned a little while ago, life is short and that means it's probably worth an adventure or two. Or three or four or five.

Once I was accepted in my newly chosen major, I decided that to speed up the graduation cycle, I would stay for spring semester at the Y... which, so far, I've come to two conclusions about spring semester classes:

1. There is something completely wrong with summer and school combined. It may be just me, but waking up at 7 for a class when it feels like summer outside? It's like fighting against mother nature from within. There's just something inside of me that doesn't let those two things easily combine.

2. Parking is actually possible though, (bad parking and BYU go hand in hand just like marriage does) --but knowing there will always be a spot for me in the Y lot? I'm a happy, sleepy, happy camper.

Annnyyywaay. Spring semester will be ending soon, (another pro of summer classes: 6 weeks fly by!) And once that is over, my parents will be making another trip to their native land of America and will be in town for the fourth of July (so excited for family and a holiday to combine this year!) And then... my friends, I leave.
July 8th to be exact.
So my summer in New Zealand will end up being more like 6 weeks of vacationing, but six weeks beats two, and New Zealand beats a lot of other places, and being with two parents who are about as cool as me, well - that beats all of them combined. Bon voyage!

photos via my dads fb page.

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Brittany said...

How did I miss this post?? Okay, please say you are going to blog at least a little while you're in New Zealand. Because NZ is my dream and I want to see it all. I'm so excited for you! Can we get together before you leave?

Also, did you know that undergrads can park in graduate parking (G lots) in the summer? Closer to campus, woot woot.

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