it's my best day ever.

February 23, 2011

The same boss, who asks me every Monday morning if I've fallen in love over the weekend,
Who wears a little top hat and sweater every day to work (despite the temperature outdoors)
Has definitely fallen onto the list of my favorite people, ever.

Every afternoon when I first greet him by asking how his day is going, he replies:
"Oh it's my best day ever."

In fact,
I don't think there's been one day in the past year and a half of working here, that he hasn't told me it was his best day ever.

(with only one exception, and that was when he came into work with a black eye - but according to him that morning, it was his "second best day ever.")

And honestly? I love it. Do you remember when you were little and you'd hear a phrase and it sounded so cool so you wanted to start using it all the time?
(think: i don't grow up, i throw up, and when you see it, you lick it up, because you think it's 7up)

Third grade? I know.

But I also know that whenever I hear "it's my best day ever," I start to feel like it's my best day ever, too.

So I decided it's about time I start saying it.

Who knew a part time job could be so great?


Sophie said...

i love positive attitudes like this :) this post has now made me want to start saying it haha. love the picture too, its beautiful x

Anonymous said...

you're the cutest girl ever.

Mary said...

That's awesome, and stuff like that does rub off on others. Love it!

Caiti said...

I just might start using it too! I LOVE this, thanks so much for sharing!

emmakaren said...

I think I may start using that! It's so wonderful and adorable!

Jessica Lynn said...

this man sounds wonderful. Such a great outlook on life.

I stole "living the dream" from someone and I say it anytime someone asks me how I am. it seems fitting.

Katie said...

I really, really love that. I'm going to start using it. Your life is amazing.

Katie said...

I also blogged about it. :)

Jamie said...

This is so cute. I wanna start using it too!

Brittany said...

I love your boss. What a wonderful way to look at life! How is your life so adorable?

sara said...

just so you know. I have never forgotten about this since you have told me..
and I shared this with my documentary class that I TA. They loved it. I love it. but most importantly..

Ashley said...

im obsessed with your boss, and I dont know him...or you, for that matter :) i lovvve that outlook!!!

Erny said...

I really really like ypur boss! such positive outlook on life. Is he married? hahahaa!

adri said...

Haha what an optimistic man. I hope one day he has the BEST day ever. Dude, I think we were in the same journalism class then! Haha! I knew I recognized you from somewhere, but I just had to put two and two together. Trevor randolph was in that class. Oh man, soooo funny! :)

Brittany said...

I know, I know--commenting twice is weird. BUT, I had to address the fact that our fathers were in Texas together. LOVE that. When my dad told me I died. Meant to be friends, I tell ya.

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