a steal.

December 20, 2010

All Gap accessories are only $5 today.
cinco, cinq, cinque
yes you read that right -
Spanish, French and Italian, it's all the same
because scarves, gloves, hats = only $5!
Needless to say,
when the cashier informed me
of the sale earlier this morning,
I stocked up for the next 5 winters.

So treat yourself to a darling and early Christmas present,
and go go go go go !


Nicole Marie said...

i'm going i'm going!

Anonymous said...


Steph Romney said...

thank you for following! small world that you know marcus and wes. love them both! merry christmas:)

Leanne said...

I love love love good deals! I always run to the clearance racks at stores to see what's there. Cute scarf!

Brittany said...

i should have gone. dang. i was loving gap's winter wear this year.

and email me/call me/comment me when you get back from new zealand! let's get together yeah yeah yeah.

whimsy said...

oh i wish i knew about this sooner!

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