something's gotta give

December 14, 2010

This picture does not represent me,
although it really should.

I just took an ADD test online (right here)
My results returned negative, but I think I still have it.
First noticed act of attention deficit: Although going over my study guides a gazillion times tonight, I have found that after 30 seconds of studying, I treat myself to 30 minutes of walking aimlessly around my bedroom. Finals be forgotten.
Second act: Party? Tonight? 10:30? My place? Sure. Why not.
Third: The voice in my head, reminding me that work comes at 8 in the blessed AM, and that I still have 2 finals to go - has been silenced.

It's ADD I'm telling ya.


jaimie said...

after 30 seconds of studying i treat myself to 30 minutes of blog stalking...every time!

kara lynn said...

thank you for this post for solidifying my thoughts i am not the only person having a hard time concentrating during finals. whaa

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