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November 29, 2010

I can’t think of a more excellent time to write a love letter than during this time of year. I’d never want to get married in December, (snow is a good friend of mine, but definitely not a welcome guest at my reception) but I do feel like if I were to ever fall madly in love, or at least spend time being in love, I would like it to take place during the holidays.

And as I mentioned before, the Little Big Book of Love finally arrived. The whole thing is darling. “Forgiveness Breakfast” recipes (strawberry crepes and champagne), poetry from the likes of mr. ee cummings (you know the author already has my attention) - and everything else is just pure wonderfulness, that I have gone through the entire book every single night since it arrived on my doorstep.

However, the most romantic thing to me was the letter this book included from Abigail Adams to her husband John Adams, while he was serving in the Revolutionary War. In fact, she wrote this particular letter two days before Christmas, on December 23, 1782.

My Dearest Friend,
Should I draw you the picture of my heart, it would be what I hope you still would Love; though it contained nothing new, the early possession you obtained there, and the absolute power you have ever maintained over it, leaves not the smallest space unoccupied. I look back to the early days of our acquaintance and Friendship, as to the days of Love and Innocence, and with an indescribable pleasure I have seen near a score of years roll over our heads, with an affection heightened and improved by time -- nor have the dreary years of absence in the smallest degree effaced from my mind the image of the dear untitled man to whom I gave my heart.

How beautiful is that? "Should I draw you the picture of my heart," or "The image of the dear untitled man to whom I gave my heart," - Snap. I love it. In fact I love it so much that I may/may not have had to send this exact same letter to somebody else just because I thought it was one of the most romantic things in the world.

And speaking of love, has anyone seen the Disney movie Tangled?
I loved it. And I cried.


Grace said...

Such a beautiful letter. Even though it seems kind of school-girlish I love writing love letters to my boyfriend every once in awhile.
I think I just might get that Little Big Book of Love. :)

Sophie said...

this is so beautiful! thank you for sharing :) xx

Jane Garner said...

okay this is darling. abigail adams has always been my role model i think she is so amazing! and tangled is such a cute show! i teared up too, during the lantern part!

Ana* said...

I wish I had a special someone to send this letter to. I book-marked this page because I don't want to forget to send this lovely letter to my special someone some day...

I watched Tangled and it's the cutest movie ever. I teared a little when she was devastated because she thought the guy left. Oh, I love cartoons.

Mackenzie said...

If there were ever a moment to swoon over, it would be over this post!
Ah! I'm starry eyed with major swoonage :) Can't wait to have a gentleman caller of my own to write love letters to a la Abigail Adams!

xo Mackenzie

Allie Burnham said...

this is so cute! i absolutely love it!!

Brittany said...

Oh wow. I must get this book! Thank you for sharing this b e a u tiful little letter.

And yes, Tangled was so magical! I was so happy to be watching a Disney Princess movie. And now I've started my own little princess marathon--last night was The Little Mermaid.

Mandy said...

That is so cute! Wait who wrote the book? I am thinking I need it.

Katie said...

Tangled was fantastic :) I cried a couple times, mostly when she met her real parents and when Eugene cut her hair. My favorite part was when he died and whispered "You are my new dream." So sweet :)

whimsy said...

divine. and yes i just saw tangled. and loved it! with my whole fam on thanksgiving.

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