cinnamon rolls and mozart.

October 23, 2010

When I was younger, my dad came up with a rule that I never (ever) fully appreciated until this morning. Back to the days of Backstreet Boys, Nsync and Mandy Moore, I remember the very first CD I ever owned was:
"Aqua: Barbie Girl."

I was ecstatic. Even thinking about it now gets me excited. This was the first CD I ever. owned. It was a huge deal. And although it was only the single, I think that it is the one song I can remember listening to more than any other in my entire life, with maybe the exception of My Heart Will Go On. (Don't even deny it -- if you were in the third grade, you would have been a huge Celine Dion/Kate and Leo fan too -- even if you weren't allowed to see the movie for another seven years.)

Anyway, the same day I received the Barbie Girl CD, I remember my dad explaining his new brilliant rule: Every time I was ever given any sort of CD, I would promptly be taken to the store to purchase one classical music CD of choice as well.

Looking back, this isn't surprising. I remember instead of listening to Radio Disney on our way to school in the mornings, my dad somehow thought his two daughters would benefit more from listening to Classical 89 (really, what was he thinking?) --
But mind you, I was only eight, and my sister only six. Eight years old and knowing the difference between Rachmaninov and Pachelbel? For those of you who don't know my dad, let me just say that this rule of his explains him perfectly.

Anyway, back to the original meaning of today's message: This morning, with the rain falling outside my window, cinnamon rolls cooking, all while sitting next to the fireplace and actually finding the time to read out of pure enjoyment, (whaaat? even during the middle of the semester? today has been a miracle I tell you!) -- I was also able to voluntarily pull out one of the many classical CD's I've accumulated over the years, and listen to it while eating breakfast.

My parents always told me I'd thank them one day, and so I guess this happens to be one of those days -- because as all the BYU football go-ers walk past my window, I wave and say enjoy the football game, but today I think I will enjoy Mozart.


Anonymous said...

your blog is wonderful.
so is this post.
so are you.
love you.

kara lynn said...

i love this.
i love how your dad had to do that.
something i can totally see myself do to my kids.
what a wonderful idea.!

abby | ybba said...

ahhh. nice. classical music is nice to listen to. i love those days when you suddenly realize that parents are right. hahaha...

im glad to know that you're having a lovely day.

griffin&gretchen said...

Wow that's a great rule! I love that!

Marcus Morrison said...

um i am really disappointed you are not coming this weekend! i had looked forward to seeing/cuddling with you

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