without further ado...

July 20, 2010

i made another friend video,
which documents our little 4th of july trip.

for some reason,
pulling out my camera 24/7
will always make me happy.


Britney said...

That video is so adorable and cute! It makes me want to catch everything my friends do on tape!

Also, your blog makes me happy!

Just wanted to say hi!

Michelle said...

Cutteee! I keep thinking that I need to get a camera or something so that I can make videos. they are so fun! and you always have the best ones!

the shakespeare festival was great!! The actors were actually really good, better than I thought they would be. Much Ado About nothing was HILARIOUS. Benedict totally reminded me of kenneth Branaugh in his film version.

oh, and are you talking about the pages? If you go to edit posts from the dashboard of blogger, there should be a tab that says edit pages. Click on it and create some girl!

sally said...

aww loved that video!!


Anonymous said...

WHY ARE WE SO COOL KELS? We probably really aren't, but your videos sure make us look like it :) haha

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