May 20, 2010

sometimes, dates can be really awkward things --
but not when you open a Jones soda pop bottle cap
and learn that you've just saved a child's eyesight.
all my date could say,
"too bad we couldn't have saved a child's legs."
i laughed so much, i ended up crying,
and the rest of the night, i couldn't stop smiling.

truth be told, i usually expect dates to be awkward --
but sometimes it's nice when life doesn't go according to plan.


Gabby said...

Oh wow, that made me laugh! Glad you had a good date :)

Erny said...

i agree. sometimes the unexpected can turn out to be pretty good. glad you had a wonderful time on your date. :)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

hahaha so cute. Happy to hear your date went very well.

whimsy said...

ummmm awesome. i reALLLLY want to hear more. sounds adorable.

Anonymous said...

heh heh heh...i know what you mean


Anonymous said...

ps. that sounded creepy. ps. its your best friend.

Maryx said...

Awesome bottle cap! =) Sounds like a great date... do tell more??

Mandy said...

He sounds cute Kels.
Anyone who makes you laugh its worth a second date I say.

Picnic soon?

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