where troubles melt like lemon drops.

April 4, 2010

Perhaps this weekend wasn't what I had planned,
and perhaps life keeps proving that its too stubborn to listen to what I have in mind.

But perhaps,
as unexpected as everything can be,
my troubles still seem to melt like lemon drops when friends
stay up with me way past our bedtimes.
They make me mac & cheese
(whether or not we are hungry)
because it's my comfort food,
and they know that all-too-well, too.
The friends I have who happen to be of the male species,
(and although they like to pretend its awkward)
still come sit by my side
and put their arm around me when they know I need it.

(And a special shout out to that one special, special friend I have in particular, who shares the joys of no love life, and elbows and laughs with me under the covers when we happen to sit next to the kissing couples on the couch during movies).

I talk about my friends a lot on here,
and maybe its because I've been blessed with so many good ones:
Friends who believe in me,
Friends who tell me to believe in myself;
And friends who have an Easter tea party with me,
because I can't have a tea party very well on my own.


emily said...

life is pretty unpredictable. i'm really glad you have great friends. and a tea party is always fabulous.

brittany barney said...

wonderful shots, as always. and i love this post. you are so darling and i just think youre the best. and im so happy you have the best friends! ps...ive been thinking...about a special boy i know...and a special girl i have come to really like...hmmmm

Girl with the Broken Smile said...

I love your blog, it's very honest with pretty pictures :)

brittany barney said...

yay! so glad youre up for it. does tuesday still work for you? im all about it. and this boy? he happens to be my husbands brother. and is extremely attractive and is exactly like my hubbs. which is a huge plus:). more details coming...in person.

Michelle said...

Oh man, I know exactly how you feel with the kissing couple next to you! I went on the trip to Utah this weekend and two of my friends are a couple. It was a great reminder that I am alone....

except for friends! Which are the best! Especially if you have a couple that aren't a "couple" to hang out with you!

Brittany said...

Friends are wonderful. I love when they save me. I'm glad you have good ones, but I think you're probably a great friend too.

miss lex: said...

i just found your blog. and think it is absolutely wonderful. love the elbowing friend. :)

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