The Love Map Results.

March 3, 2010

Remember this little thing?
The little wager we had going for those who wanted to cross a step off their love map?

Well, it's been a month,
We've each had 31 days of possibilities,
And these were the results:
*Anonymous Person Number 1: Their "love-map-worthy" candidate is actually already in a relationship.
*Anonymous Person Number 2: When they called their "love-map-worthy" girl, she never called back.
*Anonymous Person Number 3: Crashed and burned completely and totally after their 3rd conversation.
*Anonymous Person Number 4: Stopped liking the person anyway (we call her Fickle-McGickle).

So our conclusions, after noticing a 0% success rate?
We'll never draw another love map again.
The world must be ending.
And we all owe each other dinner this weekend.

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Brittany said...

better luck next time?

i don't know if i ever said so, but i loooved your love maps. everyone should make their own, even if they lead to nowhere.

Michelle said...

At least it was fun and gave some hope! I'd like to make one with my friends soon... maybe we will this weekend!

tinypaperheart said...

how pretty! :)

mina said...

that picture is awesome - what a cute idea.

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