this date didn't end before eight.

January 27, 2010

remember how i told you guys about the
planned picnic in a parking garage?
the weather didn't permit such an extravagant outing...

so instead, we built a fort.
with the use of a few blankets,
a few chairs,
and a few christmas lights...
our night looked a little bit like this:

and yes,
soda pop
and pb&j's were on the menu.
and my new handy-dandy little picnic basket
made a rather cute accessory,
(if i do say so myself)


if any night could be too fun,
january 25, 2010 would have to be on the list.

& thanks mr. tanner thompson, you were a cute date.
and i think your name "tanner thompson" is even cuter.

and pps. this date didn't end before 8.


2010 is still proving to be wonderful.


Gabby said...

So lovely :)

emily said...

wow. that is so fun!!! i love the menu and i really love making forts. it's been much too long for me :P

Brittany said...

uh, cute.
best date ever.

britt said...

absolutly adorable! how fun...sooooo he must be a keeper!!

Katrina said...

um. yes story time asap.

Erny said...

oooo i love the fort! it's romantic and intimate!

ashley lauren said...

Oh my word! How cute is this fort. I love your picnic basket. You cannot have a picnic without an adorable picnic basket! Simply cannot be done.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Great how romantic and intimate you made it...very cute!

katrina said...

oh i love it.

and you picnik basket is quite adorable.

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