Cha Cha Chaboom.

January 4, 2010

my trip to the southern part of the hemisphere was the vacation of a lifetime;
(even with the sunburn, flu, ear infection, and hanging out in a hotel room - while in paradise - reading for 3 days)

the pictures above literally capture what my life looked like for two weeks,
and i started to miss it by the time i took my seat on the plane.

the one good thing about landing back in freezing cold
(with freezing snow) utah,
was the fact that even though i had to say goodbye to a
part of my family in new zealand,
i was welcomed home with my second family among friends,
who made a wonderful welcome home dinner.
(sara, i even liked the lasagna, i promise)
& this was definitely a blessing in disguise considering the only items in our fridge were a few pickles and an empty carton of milk.

and as for the first few days of twenty-ten,
is it just me or do things just feel different?
something great is going to happen this year -
i just know it!

ps. cha cha chaboom is something i heard in a song tonight.
and i really loved the song.


Jalene said...

oh my. your vaca looked absolutely wonderful. i've been to new zealand too and it was oh so beautiful. so glad you could go!

Erny said...

The pictures look fabulous!

Shokoofeh said...

Aw it sounds beautiful and lovely! :-)

Happy New Year xo

emily said...

wow it looks beautiful!!

Ash said...

Are you from New Zealand? Or is your family there? I'm confused. BUT it looks like a fantastic vacation and I'm so glad for you to have experienced it!

Michelle said...

sounds like you went through a lot while you were there (ear infection, flu, etc)! At least you had the comfort of such a beautiful place outside your window! I definitely need to visit New Zealand soon...

Kimberly said...

AMAZING pictures!

Mandy said...

I love these pictures. Can't wait to hear about all of this in person! Lunch?


Brittany said...

oh my, what a wonderful christmas! i want to see more photos!

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