Mean Girls.

October 8, 2009

I have two points I'd like to make today.

Numero Uno:
Why is it that one of the most basic lessons our parents taught us as children, seems to be one of the hardest for others to follow?
WHY can't we get along?
WHY don't we treat others kindly?
Why must girls say really mean things intentionally just so it can get back to the person they are talking about?
(i promise this is just theoretical...sort-of.)
But honestly, what happened to just being nice?
Some say it's "too fake"
Others may say "they don't deserve it"
I say, that's a nice excuse.
But being nice - no matter who or what your circumstances may be - it matters.
and it counts.

Numero Dos:
I could go off for HOURS on this one,
but instead...
let's look at what this darling girl once said:
(because i couldn't have said it better myself)

"Ode to the Oblivious Female:
Oh oblivious female, your plight is getting old
If I am with him, holding his hand, walking side-by-side, laughing with him and hugging him, I am his girlfriend.
Do not ask him out.
Thank you for your time."

and thank you, for yours.


emily said...

i completely agree with what you had to say... why can't people just be nice? my mom always said, "kill them with kindness..."

that was always really hard for me.

just show them your pretty smile :)

Rose Red said...

That's a great quote. Girls can be pretty lame sometimes. I weeded all those girls out of my life a long time ago.

Ash said...

Girls can be SO mean. I think you just have to find the right ones... there are some girls who will never leave high school. So leave them in their weird high school world!

Girls flirt with my husband all the time. While I'm right there. !!!

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