Mascara Mess Monday.

October 12, 2009

Today has been a good day.

besides just a few trivial things:

waking up late, missing Eng 201
(aka the one class that will truly be the end of me)
my tendency to blush WAY too
easily when my french professor calls on me.
already being bright red after running to
class in a coat in 70 degree weather
(thank you unpredictable utah)
food poisoning half of my friends and family last night...
(i can. not. make. chicken.
although, if i remember right -
i got a B in Foods in high school...
who gets a B in the easiest class ever? i do.)
missing breakfast with the love of my life.
realizing i have to say goodbye to that person in 8 days.
being late for work.
waking up realizing i won't see my parents again until christmas,
and they won't be back to the US of A until next year.
wanting to just cry and eat cupcakes.
and yes, being so overwhelmed with school, work, life i now have a mascara mess to deal with too.

but other than that....
i really think that today has been a really good day.


Brittany said...
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Jessica said...

Kelsi, I'm so sad for you. That's an awful, awful day. What do you need??

Brittany said...

Oh these kind of days. I'm terribly sorry. You'll rock Eng 201, just wait. I blushed in French too, more like fainted. The only thing I cooked last week was a grilled cheese, so at least you're ambitious. Saying goodbye...I know how you feel.

I bet you are handling it all with grace and I hope tomorrow is better.

Jalene said...

Hey... mascara mess over here too! Yay for Mondays! Haha :)

BecsKaryn said...

I really do love you. A lot. Ha, we're not even that good of friends and I seriously just adore you. If you need anything, you know where to find me, although I know you have MILLIONS of friends to help you out. (yep, you're that kind of person that EVERYONE wants to be friends with!) You are beautiful, and amazing, and I know Mr.Love-of-your-life Loves you terribly. I honestly think you and I are the two LUCKIEST girls on the planet. :) (Although our boys are pretty dang lucky too... haha) And Kelsie, I would eat your chicken ANY DAY. I love ya girly!

Mandy said...

Kels... I am so sad. I am coming in 8 days to cheer you up, and we will cook together. Besides, I love your food. And I really love you. Chin up love.

emily said...

chin up lady... life will all work out. is your love leaving on a mission or something?

Ash said...

I know how you feel-- my computer died over the weekend, taking everything with it. I think it will come back... I hope?

It's funny how life is so strange; so many things can add up to make a bad day but it's good instead. My Monday was that way, too. And then I cleaned my house a bit with my husband and I felt much better.

I'm sorry about your bad day--hopefully today will be better!

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