because i loved new york.

September 4, 2009

new york, i love you.

and guess what guys. i have another date tonight.
but this time
i know it will be better - and i am totally excited.wanna know why?
"Enjoy a scenic lift ride that offer a panoramic view of the mountain as you glide to the top of Ray’s Summit...
This moonlit scenic lift makes for a truly memorable experience and offers the perfect opportunity to allow the mountain to work its magic."
yeeeeeesssssss, please.


Iva said...

awwwww I <3 NY too!!

woohooo have a great date! :) lol better then the one before :)

Have a great weekend!

emily said...

is your date with zac efron? hehe.
i love new york too. you got some great shots miss!

Mel said...

Great pictures! I went to Serendipity when I was in NYC just for the frozen hot chocolate.

Adele said...

OH, I wish I could have a date in New York too (: i bet it was fab! xx

BecsKaryn said...

Kels. I love your blog! You are the cutest ever. Seriously, I'm glad that I know you personally haha. And that night was so fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I think we should all do it again soon. I love group dates. Let's plan one!

Aron said...

So glad you liked your trip here. looks like you got some great shots!

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