Shark Week.

August 3, 2009

Biggest fears since I was little?
#1. Spiders.
#2. Tornadoes.
#3. Sharks.

(and #3.5 would have to be that
creepy guy in
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang -
Do you know who i'm talking about? The kid collector?
I may be 12 years older, but he is still the definition of

Anyway, as many of you may know, this week is:
Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.
I remember watching a little bit of this week long marathon last year, and although I was miles and miles away from any ocean,
safe and sound in the living room -
I still got
freaked out.
Like, creeped out enough that bathtubs almost scared me.

Just watch this:

And I would even go as far as to say, that that's not even half as scary as some of the other things you catch on TV while tuning into the Discovery Channel.

Am I crazy, or am I crazy? But this weekly shark fest isn't exactly what I'd call entertainment.
It's scary stuff.
So I wonder why there are
so many people who get so excited for it?
(don't know of any? just check a facebook status or two)
Are there any fans out there?
Any other things that creep you out?


Brittany said...

Oh my I was just thinking of shark week yesterday! It is totally ridiculous but I love it. I think I love it because who else dedicates an entire week to sharks? They feature those kind of shows where I keep saying to myself, "This is completely horrible and bloody and scaring me out of my wits." BUT I JUST KEEP WATCHING. Shark week is a phenomenon I've just come to embrace...but I totally understand the creepiness factor.

hELLO kELLO! said...

i have been so excited about shark week the whole summer. It's our favorite week of the year. LOVES it. :) but I am terrified of them.
You know that one bridge in the movie Jaws (i forget which movie) where he swims into the little lagoon and eats that boy? well he swims right under a bridge and I've jumped off that bridge! that was probably the fastest I have ever swam IN MY LIFE.

Style Bird said...

Sharks are on my list too.

La Cougarette said...

Okay, so one thing that CREEPS me out is not seeing you in SO LONG Kels! Love you. <3 :)

Lilee said...

ha! i'm still really scared of spiders! :)

Ash said...

We watched a show about sharks last night. It started to ruin my good feelings about the ocean, so I decided to take a sweaty nap instead. No, I actually don't want to know what can and will attack me whilst wading in the ocean, thank you.

Fast spiders creep me out. Also, really sticky things--things that are not supposed to be sticky. Sounds weird, I suppose it really is weird...

camille said...

wa! creepy!

Dawn said...

pretty sure the commercial where the girl is talking to a video camera, saying hi to her parents and friends and then gets pulled under by a shark almost makes me want to vomit in fear.

i hate scary things in general.
wet asian dead girls scare me the most (think grudge)


I feel your pain....

I have recurring dreams of spiders coming down from a web on the ceiling and then i wake up because I'm jumping out of my bed. haha

cute blog :)

nicole addison said...

i giggled a little when i read that it scared you out of bathtubs and now i know why! holy crap! once someone told me a story about a snake sneaking up the toilet and e.v.e.r.y time i go to the bathroom i think of that darn story! itll stick with u! haha

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