Dear Summer... It's Time We Say Goodybe.

August 31, 2009

dear summer,
i thought i'd miss you more too.
but then i went on a picnic, and saw these sunflowers.

and then i started to take their pictures.
and then my best friends moved back for school.
and then i went to my first day of class.
and then i had the most attractive professor for French 101.
(ryan phillippe could easily be mistaken for his long lost twin)

and then i realized, i am much too excited for the fall.
it was fun while it lasted,
but i think it's time we say goodbye.


♥Aubrey said...

Beautiful flowers! That professor of yours would make me want to show up for class :)-

Ash said...

I love those photos. I am scared about fall, mostly because winter comes so soon, it seems. I'm glad you love your classes--that's great! You'll have to enjoy them for me.

emily said...

i think i'm ready too. fall is just so captivating

Adele said...

love those pictures (: I would love to be in a place where fall was beautiful...back in england its kinda dark and dreary and not so perfect (: thanks for leaving that sweet comment! I'll see you around xoxo

Eliza said...

i adore sunflowers :) indeed, it is time to say goodbye to summer. autumn is coming, the best season of all.

i also love beauty and the beast a lot, it's my second favourite. belle is wonderful <3

Mandy said...

Weird, because my Italian 101 professor was the sexiest thing alive. So maybe it is a good omen for you. Thanks for letting me crash. Love you.

ambiguous_angel said...

love the photos!
And everything is beautifully written..

nicole addison said...

i couldn't agree more :)

Brittany said...

AH I'm so jealous of your sunflower pictures! I hope fall treats you well.

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