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May 13, 2009

Every now and then, I come across an absolutely adorable blog and deep down wish that everybody I know could read it...
So today I'd like to dedicate my blog to lovely blog-mates and the lovely thoughts of other girls next door - (and a fellow too...)
I couldn't emphasize enough how charming, witty and endearing some of these really are, so please treat yourself :)

Is it better? - Mi Familia Loca
*this one almost made me cry. simply beautiful.

O.C.D. = Our Courtly Desires
*Side note: Need a good book to read? Please ask her. She has incredible taste in literature.

Anything and Everything... - rockstar diaries
*because everything is absolutely adorable, and I can probably guess most of you have stumbled onto this exceptional blog before :)

Payson High School Homecoming '08
- the life and times of mr. andrew t. wright*He's even funnier in person.

[Title Here] - The Secret Life of B

hey, Abbs!!! - (NO) sex and the city

a few items of non-note*, basically a drastic lowering of all and any standards. - The Mormon Child Bride
* this is my old roommates sister who I wish I could have roomed with too.

Remember to share the wealth, because there are far too many out there for me to list (and trust me, the list could go on)
If you have some favorite blogs, pass it along to little old me.

Happy day.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

I'm flattered. And I have a link for your blog on mine!

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