taking it all in.

October 18, 2011

While sitting underneath blankets and scarves in our leather jackets, we tried to take all of autumn in. It was the first time in seven weeks I think I really let myself think about nothing at all, and I made only one mental note: I need to do this more often.

The drive through Sundance all the way up to Aspen Grove surely has to be one of the prettiest things I've seen in all my life. Especially when it came to the yellow leaves on the aspen trees; they were so bright it looked like gold, and we even had to listen to this Coldplay song twice because of it. Maybe even three times.

And then came our picnic: apple pie, cream soda, and honey butter with bread. Baguette bread, to be clear. I don't know where that idea even came from, (perhaps from our self-scheduled Saturday morning French lessons?) but I'm a baguette-bread-picnic-eater for life now.

And I know I said it last time, (and maybe even last year) but this fall is my favorite. I've lived through 21 of them before, but number 22 seems to be taking the cake. And to be honest, I don't even know why. This semester certainly has been the most difficult. The past few weeks have definitely had more ups and downs and disasters than I can count. But the weather makes me feel like its "my best day" nearly every day - and although I don't know why, I'll take it.


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

I love all of this!

Jane Garner said...

hi! a) that is so exciting your little sister got married! your post about that was so cute. b) i drove up to aspen grove just barely too! on sunday. except we drove all the way through and it felt like it took 5 hours. what day were you up there? c) i love your blog

kylee said...

okay you seriously know how to have a picnic. i think every time you post pictures of one on here i about die. a good death of course. and the fall colors are unreal right now. we seriously live in such a beautiful place! can i just agree with you that this fall has seriously been the best?! i don't know what it is but the colors just seem extra bright and the air is extra crisp, and the weather extra perfect. sure wish fall would never end.

Brittany said...

Kels, you make life seem so beautiful! I love that you and your adorable friends actually do stuff like this.

I hope all is well with school and men and everything else that matters. You are great!

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