a sticky sweet saturday afternoon.

October 22, 2011

I like extra sugar in my oatmeal for breakfast, at least on Saturday mornings. I like making plans last second, and catching up with people I care about for longer than expected. I like sleeping in and wearing my hair in curls that I did yesterday morning, and reading over old letters from my brown box in bed. I like my new library card that even came with a frog on it, and I like conversations with Mom and Dad. I like reruns of Modern Family (where has this show been all my life?!) and I like going to the store to make s'mores in a jar with old friends tonight.

I like Alfred Hitchcock movies and apple pie in the fall,
I like driving past the football stadium and hearing the crowds cheer,
and I like Saturday afternoons most of all.


Jodie said...

I. Love. This.

allie margaret said...

such a happy little post, sounds like such a perfect fall day


Lauren said...

This is awesome, and I realized that if I still lived in Utah we would be friends cause I'm just as charming and witty like you. And then we would both think that the other is awesome.

Mary said...

I just love this happy post!

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