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October 3, 2016

September flew by and I can hardly believe Max is already prepping for his midterm assignments and tests in the next two weeks. How is his first semester at med school already halfway over? And how am I already 31 weeks pregnant? Both are really exciting and overwhelming and anyway, I thought I'd just post a few pictures to look back on since I'm already online, and also because I don't feel like reading anything to do with Trump, Clinton or Kardashian at the moment either.

A few weeks ago we went to the Farmers Market in downtown Salt Lake and although I wish I could say I picked out some yummy fruits and vegetables, all I took home were some very sugary, very unhealthy and very un-organic cinnamon rolls.

We also had a mini "unofficial first day of fall", which I'm proud we pulled off in spite of the fact it feels like neither of us have enough time for anything lately. We drove down to Sundance on a rainy Wednesday afternoon for a fall picnic and called it good, even though this six-year-running tradition usually includes quite a bit more. One part of the day I will never forget is listening to a Casefile podcast about Annelise Michel on our way down. Oh my. Don't google her or her story. We had to turn it off ten minutes in, we were both traumatized.

I discovered Banbury Cross Donuts too, which might deserve it's own post if I considered myself any sort of a food or sweets connoisseur, but I'm not at all and I can't pretend to be. Turkey and cheese sandwiches for life. (but i'll be honest, these cinnamon donuts were pretty amazing too!)

Last but not least this cozy little library in Sugarhouse is also a new favorite. I finished reading In A Dark, Dark Wood and The Underground Railroad this last month, and am currently on the lookout for any other good reads. It's time to pull out the hot chocolate and oversized blankets, both of which combine wonderfully with a good book (but most anything does anyway).

Here's to hoping October slows down jussst a little bit.

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