witches night out.

October 17, 2011

For whatever reason, the nickname "witches" have stuck with us over the years, which is why witches night out at Gardner Village gives us an excellent excuse to say things like:
"Break your bones break your back, make your skin black as black!"*

This year included the best soup you will ever find, free cookies & cream fudge, Britney Spears, too much traffic and orange striped tights. The night "put us through the ringer" as Kylie would say, considering all the events like policemen in short shorts and witches galore -- but it was a perfect fall activity, if I do say so myself.

As for other Halloween outings: This week we'll be going to see the silent film Phantom of the Opera at the Organ Loft with our kindred spirits who lately seem to make Monday mornings okay with traditional movie nights on Sunday.

And I gotta say it: I really like the fall, but I like it this year especially.


*Heaston Dahl may be the only person who will understand this.

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kylee said...

my friends and i went to the witch fest at gardner village this weekend! only we were the idiot girls who didn't dress up. i felt soo out of place. i vow to go again next year in full costume.

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