As Much As I Love...

July 9, 2009

As much as I "love being single" (or in other words: unmarried), I kind-of sort-of, changed my mind for a half-of-a-second...

The other night was entirely devoted to me. I called off all plans and instead, ordered take out, redboxed a movie, and snuggled up in bed by myself to enjoy some peace and quiet amidst the busy little life I lead.

But to my surprise, as I sat eating my very own box of Mexican rice, watching my very own copy of Meet Joe Black for the one hundred and fiftieth time, while snuggling under my very own blanket...I thought: You know what Kels, I really don't think you will mind the day when you're getting take out for two, arguing over what movie to see, and then snuggling with someone besides yourself.

Yes, I have to say that I think that will kind-of, sort-of, for more than half-of-a-second, be a very, very Happy day.



aww that's sweet!
and I like this header! :)

Walches said...

What will make it even better...when it is a very, very, very HAPPY eternity :)

Mandy said...

You are cute Kels.
I feel the same way.
Most of the time I am glad it is not me having to worry about insurance and house payments. But sometimes (sometimes) I think it would be nice to have a live-in cuddle buddy.

Well said.

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