The Person I've Always Been Alone With.

July 8, 2009

"you'll find yourself. everyone always does. it takes the right catalyst...perhaps a boy, college opportunity, a friend, a moment. i found myself this year, weirdly. i found myself by spending time with myself, more than i ever have before. i came to know the person i've always been alone with. i don't know who i want to be, but i know who i am."
-alexa kaye johnson

i have wise friends, who happen to be brilliant photographers too.
oh how i wish she'd start a blog.


Olivia Rae said...

ohhh i LOVE that picture.

Mandy said...

Strangely enough... that is exactly how I feel about this year. I was alone so much.

Personally, I think that's what college is for.

And... your blog looks lovely.

Elizabeth said...

I just moved to a big city without knowing anybody on the other side, and this has become my mantra. Thanks for reminding me :)


Jalene said...

Wow! That is A-MAZ-ING! The quote and picture. I absolutely love it!

And P.S. I love the new blog header. :)

Brittany said...

I'm with Mandy. This past year, I think I've finally (kinda sorta) figured myself out. That kind of clarity is a little shocking, but I found out that I amaze myself. The only problem is...I just keep changing and then I have to get to know myself again. Being alone is under-valued I think. I get so much accomplished when I am just hanging out with me.

Awesome quote AND photo. Thanks!

camille said...

thanks for the quote and the be-a-u-tiful picture! your header is quite adorable as well

Maverick Malone said...

Totally inspiring quote :) Cute photo, as well!

xox, mavi

BecsKaryn said...

Alexa is brilliant. She's one of those people that you NEED to be around. And I agree Kels, she DOES need a blog. I think I shall convince her, and you do the same. :) P.S. Your blog is AMAZING as well. I just started mine... and have just become extremely inspired.

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