Becoming One With Nature.

July 10, 2009

A goal of mine this summer: Become one with nature.

My first camping trip was at the age of 8, with my Mothers side of the family. However, mother dearest (and wisest too) stayed at the nearest motel down the road.
We (dad, ken and I), we camped.
It was miserable.
My question to all you nature women (and men, I suppose) is HOW do you do it? Better yet, how do you enjoy it at the same time?
I fell asleep to scary sounds in the woods (Blair Witch Project came out years later; but I think she was somewhere around that night)
And thanks to our non-water proof tent, I woke up with frost bite (and it was July).

SO, ladies and gentlemen, because I think I'd like to try something out of the ordinary, it is my goal that this summer IS THE SUMMER, that I am going to make an attempt and become one with mother earth, and maybe, just maybe...go camping.
I think it will make my dad proud.


Mandy said...

I will take you camping. My friends and I go every year to the same place and this time you're coming with us. It is just one night, and its super easy, and you fall asleep to the roaring river. You can do it!

Brittany said...
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Brittany said...

haha what a great goal. i know how you feel...i'm definitely not a camper girl. but i really love hiking so i think that maybe makes up for it a little. really cute.

Shaunee said...

And you have to make a fire w/o gasoline. I'll teach you. ;) One night of sleeping with friends, eating roasted hot dogs and smores, jumping in a lake, and coming back reeking of smoke, and you'll forever love the outdoors.

7upkels said...

alright you two. i am taking you guys up on the offer of camping....we'll see how it goes!!!!

Ken-Ken said...

frost bite is right.

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