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January 29, 2012

4 blog posts all put into one:

#1. The ceiling underneath the kitchen table.

Last weekend, Max and I decided to re-create our own version of the Sistine Chapel ceiling underneath the kitchen table by taping construction paper and lying on our backs to draw a masterpiece! I am proud to say that our artwork turned out to be something that would make even our (potential) children's children proud. Combining that with Italian music, French phrase books (no Italian language books lying around unfortunately,) and eating eclairs... Am I allowed to take credit for all of it? Because I'd like to. For some reason, eating take out pizza underneath a kitchen table was about as romantic as any five star restaurant that I've ever been to... and I hope it always stays that way.

#2. Life books.
No Sunday afternoon should ever go by without working on a life book, listening to golden oldies, followed by a long afternoon nap.

#3. The Cooking Corner.
After three attempts, I mastered the art of cooking on a George Foreman Grill. Since this discovery, Max and I have made at least 3 of our cooking shows we like to call: M2K in the Kitchen. This past weekend, we decided to go with Japanese cuisine (Max's choice) and since I terribly dislike sushi, we created dessert sushi rolls by using Little Debbie Swiss cakes, cutting them in half, and putting a Swedish Fish on top. Voila! And then I bought cupcakes.

(no pictures were taken of the following event... thank goodness)

#4. Quadruple Date Night.
I've learned that the once beloved classic skating (and the even more beloved: "snowball") is now only for forty year old men re-living their glory days and people who most likely do drugs. One more sad unfortunate truth is that all 10 of us young able-bodied adults get tired after only 30 minutes of impossibly trying to skate like we used to in middle school. It was kind of pathetic, but Michael Jackson and the YMCA made it worth it.

#5. The disease.
I have cytomegalovirus. Another word I like to use for mono. The doctor advised that I should forgo caffeine, which will make my parents all too happy to know that the diet coke (or what they refer to as "cancer-inducing-chemicals") sitting in my fridge has remained untouched for four days. That's a miracle.


kylee said...

ohmygoodness! i went to classic this weekend! i was dead tired afterwords. i don't know how i used to go to a high school dance and then party at classic for hours on end. one night of skating, falling, deal or no deal playing, backstreet boys jamming, picture taking, laser tagging and blow up toy jumping was enough to make me sleep the rest of the winter away. and how did i forget how disgusting that place is? you walk in and it's like an insta sweat fest.

Jess said...

This looks like such fun times! Eating pizza under a table while you create a masterpiece definitely romantic!
BTW, you two look really cute! I reckon that they cooking shows would be amazing!
You life book awesome, super creative. I really must start one, it would be good to be able to look back on life one day in the future and see what things i got up to.
Have a great week! And awesome work on the caffeine!

Anonymous said...
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Brittany said...

I'm with Kenna--I get so so excited when I see a new post. You're adorable.

1. You are Max are the cutest couple alive. Sistine Chapel? Dessert sushi? Cooking shows??? Stop it.

2. I still adore your life book idea. If only I were crafty.

3. We have the same taste in skating music.

4. Ugh. Mono.

5. I want to see you. Lunch?

Brianna said...

you have the cutest life.
you should make babies sometime soon because i am 100% positive they would be beyond gorgeous and I'm a little jealous.
mono? really? ughhh the WORSE!
p.s. you should try loving sushi. i could eat it everyday.

Falling Up said...

first kenna had mono.
then i had mono.
and then you got mono.
i think people are starting to wonder....

Katrina said...

oh my-what a weekend. You are too cute. and are you referring to your children with the wonderful Mr. Max? Seriously dear, we need to catch up. I am going to call you tomorrow. Maybe we can even throw in some politics into the conversation...:)

adri said...

First things first: I now remember reading a post of yours saying you like the buried life! If I would've had your number I totally would have informed you about that amazing day!

Secondly, you and your boy look so cute together. That's eric's brother yeah?

Thirdly, I hope you get feeling better!

Mandy said...

Love you and Max. Ready to reschedule?

Jane Garner said...

CUTE!!! and forgo caffeine?! i am so sorry.

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