February 6, 2012

I have a huge midterm less than 24 hours away, but that is about the time when my mind decides to procrastinate my stress and studying, and plan a dream honeymoon instead?

#1. Disneyland. And most likely my favorite option of all.

The Disneyland suite includes being taken to your room by a Disney Prince/Princess of your choice, being sprinkled with pixie dust (most of you might say whaaaat? but I love that) and you even get a delivery of milk and cookies to your doorstep! Love. It. All.

#2. Treehouse Point.
Like 99% of all Pinterest users, you've seen these. And they look awesome.

#3. Last but not least, Turtle Bay.

I've vacationed there with my family a few times, (and sneaking into the pool during my freshman year of college was always a lot of fun too!) But this place feels like home in some ways, and the beach cottage views at sunset are probably to die for.

Thank you Google, Travelocity and Disneyland.com for making my life today so much more fun and useless at the same time.


kylee said...

i love that you put disneyland for your honeymoon. i agree for sure. happiest place on earth with your favorite person on earth? yes please. i want to LIVE at treehouse point. oh my gosh that place is beautiful. also thank you for giving me a blog post to stalk while i procrastinate that paper i have due tomorrow. i should probably get started on it...

Anonymous said...
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Jane Garner said...

ummmm are you getting married!?!? and i have never seen those treehouses before but they look AWESOME!

Kelsie said...

@kylee - i stalk your blog too much.
@jane - i'm not getting married yet, but when i do i want to know who did your pictures because they're so pretty!

mandyface said...

I want to redo my honeymoon and go to all these places!!!

Elsha.Rae said...

turtle bay is so amazing!! ahhh!! definitely one of my favorite olaces in the world!

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