because it's seven, and still sunny outside.

March 15, 2010

i feel like summer is on its way,
and that long awaited spring is almost "officially" here.

so to celebrate, i just had scrambled eggs and cupcakes for dinner.

and i think from now on those two will go hand-in-hand;
just like ferris wheels and caramel apples,
or like tennis and tuesdays,
(or like me and zac efron...but that goes with saying)

i have had a big smile on my face all day today,
and i don't think that its going to go away anytime soon.


brittany barney said...

looks delicious. and zac efron. is quite charming. so is tennis on tuesdays.

Mandy said...

Cupcakes and scrambled eggs?
Whatever floats your boat Kels.
I hope your weekend was great.
It was so nice to see you.
I've missed you friend.

Michelle said...

yes! I felt like spring was officially here today too! I was taking a nap in my car (I have like 4 hours before my next class and I don't like driving all the way home) and I was like sweating! and on the way home I most def cranked up the AC for the first time!

ahh spring break come here now please!

Brittany said...

haha. i think it sounds perfect. in fact, i have eaten this meal before.

gosh, maybe i have time to make a cupcake run before class...

A "cheery" disposition said...

yum.. cupcakes for dinner : )

Erny said...

interesting choice of food for dinner. ;p

adri. said...

haha, this post is so much like how my post was today. i honestly couldnt stop smiling whenever i went outside. summer is near!

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