Happy After All.

March 17, 2010

I feel like skipping,
I feel like smiling,
I feel like jumping up and down on my bed,
or like falling in love all over again.

I was reminded of the way I felt when
they sang Auld Lang Syne on New Years Eve
and the fireworks lit up the sky;
Or the night my family sat in the living room,
before I moved away for college,
before my parents moved to New Zealand,
and we recounted all our favorite memories:
Like when my mom stayed up late with a plate full of cookies,
because she was just as excited as I
to go to the homecoming dance with the
cute boy in my English class.

I think about the sleepovers we spend laughing
til three in the morning and I secretly wonder why on earth
we weren't put in the same family,
when we happen to be so much more like sisters at heart?

Or that afternoon, when I felt like giving up on life,
and my dad came in and gave me a hug,
and let me cry in his arms, just like I did when I was little.

I feel like life was reminding me that
good things are meant to work out,
and that we're meant to be happy after all.


brittany barney said...

this just completely made my night. please tell me what happened. ummmm right now.

Michelle said...

this is wonderful! I love a good hug, they are just the best! I was telling my institute teacher how amazing a hug from Jesus would feel.... off the charts, I bet!

I didn't realize that your parents MOVED to New Zealand! I thought it was a vacation! How did they decide to move there??

Erny said...

nice. makes me reminisce and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Katrina said...

loved this. you are so cute Kelsie dear. I love your passion for life.

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