March 13, 2010

one day,
when my daughters have become teenagers,
and they're ready to move off to college,
i will tell them what life was like when i was their age:

so much fun.

one memory will now include
the night we blew up 200 balloons,
for a party with no reason whatsoever.

(ps. as fun as it was,
my cheeks still hurt from blowing up so many.)


sydney said...

this looks like a blast. you've made me want to blow up balloons for no reason now! love it!

Michelle said...

That picture is soo cool! What a fun idea!! I love doing random things for no reason, especially when it's colorful!

Mandy said...

That sounds like fun Kels :) Good thing I wasn't there, because I can't blow up a balloon to save my life.

brittany barney said...

cute! looks like a blast. i love balloons.

brittany barney said...

there is a surprise for you on my blog. but you have to read the whole post to find out. loves!

Sara said...

that's such a nice thought! And actually something to look forward to!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

sounds like fun!

adri. said...

haha, that's amazing! i've always wanted to get 99 red balloons and set them off into the sky. (while listening to 99 red balloons, of course). one day, one day.

Brittany said...

your kids will love that story. gosh, i love that story.

grrreat photo.

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