Confession: Christmas Commericals Make Me Cry.

November 9, 2009

i must sounds like little miss emotional all the time, because every time i write i either:
a. just got finished crying
b. am anticipating crying
c. crying.

i promise i am really happy... maybe that's why i cry, because i am so happy. i don't know. but i have realized something over the past two days...and basically the past 12 years:

Christmas commercials, no matter how silly, dorky, or overplayed.... also make me cry.

So here is one of my favorites (pull out a tissue or 2)

even though i've seen that several times, my eyes always start to sting as if i were about to cry.
and now i know why.

it's because it makes me happy. so happy.

for a brief 30 seconds, one commercial can remind me of every wonderful christmas memory i have.
and i hope these commercials may do a little bit of the same for you guys too.

ps. i just got my plane ticket for a christmas in new zealand! it may not be snowy outside, but i'll be with my family. and that makes me so. stinkin. excited.

wishing you a very merry monday!


Anonymous said...

aw kelsie! that made me tear up too! there was a whirlpool commercial a few years ago that made me tear up, how embarrassing! i'm now stalking your blog cuz i saw it on your facebook and forgot you had a blog and then got all excited cuz you do! oh gosh that made no sense! but know that i love you and am a giant crier too! seriously!

love laura

Michelle said...

aww that was such a sweet commercial! As soon as he called her again from his building I was like "They came to him! they came to him!"

I love family.

Mandy said...

I am happy for you :)
And happy you are coming home from NZ. I miss my friend.

Ash said...

New Zealand!! Holy cow! Are you from there?

7upkels said...

no! i wish i were from there because i'd have the most attractive accent in all the world!! my parents moved there for the next few years which is why i am lucky enough to get to go visit!

7upkels said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brittany said...

I totally cried.
I love Christmas too.
So much.

Printing Postcards said...

I have favorite Christmas commercials also. Those commercials lift our spirit up and reminds us to be happy this season.:)

Thanks for sharing that wonderful video.

Athena. said...

I love this, it made me cry.

Erin said...

Weeping now! I totally didn't see that coming. How wonderful. How completely festive and fabulous! Thanks for that. I needed it. xo

beautifulnemo said...

You have such a nice blog girl! I'm going to follow you. Coming here made me smile. Thanks for that. :-)

xxx from Madrid.

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