November 13, 2009


not because it's a friday,
and not because i finished all 3 epic tests this week that
ultimately determine my physical and emotional well-being...

i love today because:


and i just checked the mailbox, like i usually do around noon...
and it was sitting in there, addressed specifically to me,
"to: little kelsie" ending with an s-i-e.

ps. i think i belong in this love movie.
"even when i didn't like you, i loved you."
one of the greatest movies of all. time.
netflix it this weekend.
i promise you won't be disappointed.


Jalene said...

i used to get letters and they were the best! (even though it didn't work out with him when he got home... haha)

is this the same kind of letter???
please do tell. :)

emily said...

i love little notes in the mail! they are the best!

beautifulnemo said...

it's beautiful to get letters or packages! love it too:)


Michelle said...

I love getting letters too!! And I can't believe I have never heard of that movie too, I'm adding it to my netflix now!

Sara said...

there's something about this post that I absolutely love!

CAPow said...

I love that necklace! A friend of mine has one that is very similar!

Brittany said...


best feeling, right?
almost as good as him being there.
well, not really.
but it still feels so great.

Mandy said...

I miss you and Max.
I'm glad he sends you letters.
Love you.

Lizzy said...

Aah letters are so fun!

Congrats on getting through your tests.. weekends really are fabulous

Kimberly said...

Beautiful post

La Cougarette said...

I saw that movie a while ago, and I absolutely loved it! Love you K. xoxo

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