see you next year summer

September 1, 2014

This summer might have been one of the best. The night I took this picture (just a few weeks ago) will be one of my favorite dates I have ever had with Max -- and yes Mom and Dad, I'm only more convinced that California and year round warm weather is calling my name (they were both born/lived in California/Hawaii and so I will never understand HOW my family ended up in snowy Utah ;) But seriously.

And Max begins school tomorrow morning and our summertime wreath is coming down today, so we will end it all by going to see Herman's Hermits in the park tonight (I'm Henry the VIII I Am? Anyone?) - a part of my soul belongs in the fifties and sixties too.  

So that's it. Happy, Happy Labor Day! And goodbye most wonderful summer! We'll see you next year.


Kerry June said...

oh my goodness i cannot believe herman's hermits came! that henry the viii song definitely has a spot in my sentimental heart!

Sienna said...

beautiful picture, and i'm glad you had a great summer, hope fall is just as good!

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