back to school = makes me miss hawaii

September 4, 2014

Without fail, every single year right around September I get reaaallllly nostalgic about BYU Hawaii. I mean really, really nostalgic. Not that I didn't love school in Provo, but what are you going to miss more? Studying at the beach or in your cinder block dorm room? (the answer is beach, obviously)

don't mind these ghetto pictures from 2007 
i think my digital camera back then had a screen that was 3x3 cm - yes, centimeters

I've written about my freshman year before, as a newly 18 year old adventuring out on my own in small town Laie - and even after all these years it remains one of my sweetest memories. I can still remember as if it were yesterday, walking into my first college class: English 101 (I was already completely sunburned from spending too much time outside) and I remember introducing myself amongst other classmates who were from all around the world - some places I hadn't even heard of. I remember thinking (maybe the first time in my life) that there were a million other places other than Utah that I would want to see and travel to and live one day (hint hint Max ;)

Last fall, Max applied and was accepted into BYU Hawaii -- and trust me when I say that that was one of the hardest decisions to turn down... ever. But for a hundred other reasons at the time, we knew it would be the smartest (although not the most exciting) to stay here. So here we are! Good ol' Utah. And we've been blessed far more than we deserve so I can't complain, but days like today the idea of a new adventure sounds more than wonderful to me.
(especially if it's in Hawaii)


Chelsea said...

This is my first year not going back and I'm getting so nostalgic for BYUH! I totally understand. It was so sad to leave when I left in April. Buuuut, good news! I think I'm going to visit in October because I found tickets for $493! Can't pass that up!

Brianna said...

Ah I miss Hawaii every single day. Such a magical place.

Jane Harman said...

i am jealous you went to school there!!! i have only been to hawaii once - for our honeymoon, and i seriously beg richie every day to go back. it's THE best.

McKenze Bauer said...

Wish you were in Hawaii!!

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