July 31, 2014

Lately Max and I have loved -- or should I say lllllooooovvvveeeedddd playing with the babies all of our family and friends have been bringing around lately. It is such an amazing thing to witness those same family members and friends, some we've known since we were little, turn into such wonderful mothers and fathers of their own little children. Honestly, there's nothing quite like it.

Even though I know I took it for granted when I was younger, I am incredibly grateful for good parents and for loving families and little children and all the other wonderful, wonderful things that make life so beautiful. I can't imagine a life without having families being at the center of it. I just can't.

(And congratulations especially to two of my best friends, Alissa - on the arrival of her gorgeous new baby girl!!! And Kylie, who has a little one on the way too!! They are both going to be the most amazing mothers.)

And PS. I had to include the video above of little Asher (danny and amanda have the cutest kids on earth!) Seriously, how cute is he? (and how cute is max going to be when he's a dad too? ;)


Kerry June said...

aw that video is adorable :)

kylie said...

i totally agree with you - it's amazing to see people you love become parents and see how great they are in that role. families are the BEST.

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