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April 23, 2013

My attempt at writing this post within the last thirty minutes has proven to me that there is no way to write what I want to write without sounding as 7up girl cheesy as possible... So I'll carry on with it anyway, because it's turning into a fact that my tragically sappy side comes out when it comes to love and stuff.

And after the last month of life, phone calls, engagements, and celebrations, it is safe to say my friends are in love. 

But these aren't any two friends. Nope. Not at all. These two friends are who I considered best friends, who I spent entire summers with, and who I have known years before those summers. I spent most of my college life with their numbers most frequently dialed in my phone, and most certainly visited Cafe West with them enough to keep the hospital in business for another year. 

And because life isn't perfect, nor anywhere near predictable, there was a time they had both loved and lost and decided to move on. So thanks to the spring of 2011, memory lane includes the three of us eating the most disgusting chocolate chip rice krispy treat brownies you have ever tasted, listening to Ke$ha sing about love being blind, and trying to forget he/she who must not be named. I have a love/hate relationship with this time in life, hate because we were "sick" as little Wes would say, and love because it was just "another clever twist" as Kylie would say. Kind of like a right-of-passage that I'm so glad I never missed.

It's worth a post to congratulate these two best friends who were convinced at one time that "love was evil spelled backwards" because they are both now engaged, both getting married this June, and both within three days of each other! Kylie and Wes I love you both to death... maybe not as much as your significant others, but to death nevertheless.


Brittany said...

Timing is crazy thing. It always seems to work out--even if it doesn't. Those two weeks in June look pretty fabulous.

Jane Harman said...

so darling! that is so exciting! and i love your handwriting.

Falling Up said...

I think i read this blog post like one thousand bajillion times. It made me think about all our days of listening to love stinks pandora radio stations and drinking balk cherry soda because it was black!!! I can't believe that picture of our calendar...kindred spirits we will always be!!!!!!!!!

michelle elaine said...

it's good for me to know that the 'love is evil spelled backwards phase' ends :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not kidding this is the most darling post i've seen about love in a while :)

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