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April 25, 2013

I live about five minutes away from the library, and for the last 8 months if I'm not fulfilling my adulthood responsibilities the library is where you can usually find me.

One of my favorite things about going to the library (beside the books, of course) is all the classic movies you can find downstairs. Gene Kelley, Jimmy Stewart, the dancing, the singing, Grace Kelley and her dresses, scary movies that aren't so scary... these films have a charm that you just can't find nowadays.

So because this last week I've been sick and in bed missing most of the beautiful weather we've been having lately, the only thing that could help pass the time was getting Max to rent a few of my favorite movies. There is just something about old and old fashioned that I can never resist! I feel like I've found buried treasure when I discover a new movie and am whisked away by their singing and dancing, asking myself for the millllllionth time why wasn't I born back then?

Below are a few of my personal recommendations, most I'm sure you've heard of (or seen) before. They're totally worth watching at least once!

An Affair to Remember
Meet Me in St. Louis
White Christmas
Gone With the Wind
Singin' in the Rain
To Catch a Thief
Rear Window
Cape Fear
Wait Until Dark
The Sound of Music
Roman Holiday
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Philadelphia Story
It's A Wonderful Life

And if you have any recommendations let me know!


Brittany said...

All of those black and whites are killing me. And I love that list. Especially An Affair to Remember. There are a few I need to see though, some I've never even heard of! Sometimes I forget about old films, and just stick with stuff from the 90s. Need to take a visit to the library soon!

molly jane said...

You and I are made of the same stuff. I love this post so much. Here are some more I love: Charade, Two for the Road, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Rebel Without a Cause.

kylee said...

an affair to remember! always and forever a favorite of mine.

Benlovesting said...

Those films are so awesome! X

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