my dad.

March 18, 2012

My dad is special in many ways, mainly because he's mine.

The other week I was stressed out of my mind (unfortunately stress is sometimes an all too common factor in my life) but my dad knows that. It was about one in the morning, and he was all the way in Sydney (12 hour time difference) and we were texting. He was in the middle of a busy day, but said he'd run back to the hotel so we could Skype. We talked for two hours. He listened to all that I had to say, and gave me bits and pieces of advice. He referred me to about twelve different talks given by twelve different general authorities (like always) -- but then, like he always does before we say goodbye, he told me how much he loved me.

I don't know who else gets out a pen and paper to take down notes when they're on the phone with their dad, but I do. I don't know who else plans on making a quote book of their dad one day, but I do. I don't know who else could possibly be more proud of their dad, but I am and always have been. I can't think of anyone smarter, wiser and kinder than my dad - someone who is infinitely patient and understanding and loving. I love him more than I could ever say.

Happy Birthday (your today, my tomorrow) Dad! I love you.


L!$@ said...

Dad's are pretty darn good at advice :D Happy Birthday to yours!

Jan said...

what a great tribute to your Dad. What a lucky girl to have such a wonderful Dad. When you write your quote book, I would LOVE to read it! Happy Birthday to your Dad.

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