my olsen obsession.

February 27, 2012

I truly used to wish that I was Ashley Olsen. My best friend Sara told me that she even used to pray at night and ask that she could wake up to be Mary Kate. (and if for no other reason, that is why we are still friends eight years later.)

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but my Olsen obsession lasted a little bit longer than what was probably normal. In the seventh grade my friends and I performed in the Spring talent show and made up a dance to this song (which should be noted, involved karate kicks) only because we heard it in Mary Kate & Ashley's movie Holiday in the Sun. And although it's been quite a few years since that time, I have recently discovered my newfound love for their little sister Elizabeth.

She is beautiful. And her hair. I covet her hair. After my last disastrous hair appointment, I'm printing off this picture before I go in again and will be asking for this and exactly this. I love it so much I will probably want the exact same thing on my wedding day.

And PS. I never really watch the Oscars, but last night I did catch this. I almost cried, she was so sweet during her acceptance speech.

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Jane said...

we truly are so similar. my best friend and i used to make her brother videotape us when we were little while we sang marykate and ashley songs, thinking that we would be famous. i've never seen their little sister before (since "marykate and ashleys: our first video" at least), but she is beautiful!

Jane said...

i take that back. i think she was in some of their other movies, like how the west was fun!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh... you're so embarrassing.

HAHAHA too bad that dance was THE COOLEST!

i cried during that acceptance speech.

but i'm on my period.


kylie said...

ahhhh i love mary-kate and ashley! and also elizabeth - she has this grace that is so compelling.

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