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July 1, 2011

I have never been to a Bees game before, but going to a baseball game was on our summer to-do list so it had to be done. Even though my summer vacation will resume in New Zealand next weekend, I have almost felt like I only have a few days left to cross off everything I want to do this summer.
(and plus it's winter in the southern hemisphere, so it's almost like a winter break?)

Although I haven't followed baseball much before, (and by that I mean never) - it was still so much fun. The weather was perfect and the combination of cracker jacks, coca cola's and snowies seemed as all-American as the sport. To top it off, we'll be going to see The Sandlot tonight (who else had a ginormous crush on Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez twelve years ago??) and best of all - it's an outdoor movie/at the SL Capitol/for free/over the 4th of July weekend. Twenty four hours after that, we'll be sitting on a boat watching the fireworks from Utah Lake. Watching fireworks in a swimsuit? Gosh I'm so excited.


and this is just a small secret (and maybe it's not so secret) - but to be completely honest, i'm probably going to miss all this more than i should - even if it's only for five weeks.


Griffin and Gretchen said...

fireworks on a boat?! benny rodriguez?! (yes please haha) new zealand?! i love summer

L!$@ said...

It's really cold down I hope you're prepared for spending your summer in a nice could country...Australia would have been a much better choice though :D

molly jane said...

I've always had a HUGE crush on Benny. (as in I still have one...)

Jane Garner said...

bees games and the capitol movies definitely define summer.

kelli christine case said...

do you read she totally blogged about the exact same thing as you! no way!

Jodie said...

You and your friends always have the cutest clothes!!! :) Sounds like so much fun.

andrea said...

Who didn't have a crush on him?!? They would be nuts!! My favorite: "do you want some s'more?"
"some more what?"
That whole scene is my favorite!!

Brittany said...

cuh-yute. i'm dying. where do you get all your beauty? and adventure? and that shirt, I love your shirt. gosh woman.

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